Elena Plenda

My name is Elena Plenda, and I am a math and social studies teacher at a rural high school in mid-Michigan. For the past several years I have been working towards my master’s to help me become the best teacher I can be.

As an educator, I am dedicated to teaching for understanding. It is my mission to equip my students with the ability to think critically as they enter an increasingly complicated world.

This site hosts my digital portfolio, sharing my learning journey. I have learned a lot of interesting things from my Master’s of Educational Technology (MAET) program, as well as the experiences of the last several years. I am happy to share some of what I have learned and created during this time.

MAET Program

Ocean and sand
Image from MSU twitter

The Master’s of Educational Technology has been a fascinating course of study. Check it out!

More About Me

Me and my +1

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