PLN – Education Acronym #125

Use your PLN to reach out and connect with others! Check with your PLN for new ideas and feedback! Your PLN is a valuable tool for your continuing efforts to improve your teaching! But wait, what is this PLN?

PLN stands for Personal/Professional Learning Network. Every teacher should have one, and indeed, probably anyone whose profession includes continued updates and learning. As part of an assignment for my CEP 810 class I was asked to make a visual representation of what my PLN is at this time. So here it is:PLN

(As required by assignment parameters, this was made in popplet which is a cool little app for making these sorts of mind maps.)

It was interesting to think about all the people and places I go to when I’m struggling to understand a new technique or improve my practice. I am fortunate in having great colleagues at my school that are always willing to help me out. I do use the internet a lot, looking at what other teachers do via blogs or pinterest. (I did purposely connect some of the boxes, as one source often leads to another.) I am curious to see how this network changes as I explore additional connections (like the dreaded Twitter).