Getting Things Done – Organizational Tech

I have to say, I’m am a total Google advocate. Ever since my student teaching year, when I had to re-plan my lessons at the last minute because I’d forgotten my flash drive, I’ve been an avid Google user. So now I use it all, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and even Google Classroom. The single app that helps me the most: Google Calendar.


These days I need to keep track of my work schedule, my husband’s work schedule, medical appointments, and my children’s schedule, and I need to be able to carry it with me and consult it as needed. My school uses Google Calendar, so I share that across my Google accounts and I see important dates on my phone app. I made calendars for my children’s events, work/school events, anything I need to track. My husband and I have shared our calendars with each other. I have them color-coded, and notifications set if I think I might forget something. I can add events immediately on my phone as they come up, and my husband gets a notification (oh look, our daughter has a band concert next week!). Never again will I forget an appointment or a due date, and I no longer have to worry about schedule confusion. (“I didn’t tell you about the concert? I thought I did…”) I love Google Calendar.