Learning C# – Final Post

Learning C# using only YouTube and various online forums proved to be quite a challenge. I had a lot of advantages because the number of videos available was in the hundreds of thousands. That also meant that if I was looking to answer a specific question, I could watch dozens of videos and still not quite find the answer. When I explored the C# forums, I found the level of expertise to be way above what I could understand. I very much missed the ability to personally ask an expert about difficulties I encountered.

Below is my video showcasing my NLP experience.


I did enjoy the networked learning experience. I think it is something all students of learning should explore at some point. It really enables you to study a subject of your choice, seeking the advice of experts. I particularly liked the learning experience for procedural types of learning. Having the video lets a learner see the process done before they try it for themselves. It also lets you control the flow of that process with the play/pause/rewind options. This can be a valuable tool for students who may need the directions/examples more than once. While I do not think that I would use networked learning in quite this way in my classroom, I would like to further explore the use of the internet for research. I would also like to integrate more videos for my math students in particular, so that they can refresh processes and mathematical understandings as needed. It would add an element of personal learning/choice to a class that is often taught through direct instruction.