Maker Lesson

I found it difficult to come up with a lesson plan that would incorporate ‘making’ in the way that we have been exploring it in class. Most maker kits do not mesh all that well with math standards. It was fortunate that my CEP 811 class held their conversation at the beginning of this week so that I could get some peer feedback and some alternative ideas. I ended up with a lesson that incorporates the prototype I made earlier. The students would not be using the maker kit themselves, they would be creating something else using part of it.

I also attended the MCTM Conference in Grand Rapids this week. I went to sessions that emphasized conceptual learning over procedural learning, which dovetailed really nicely with the understanding be design model CEP 811 discussed this week. I included an emphasis on proper vocabulary and mathematical conversations between students as part of my lesson plan as a result. I wanted a lesson that would push students to make the connections themselves, before I discuss them in a more formal manner with geometry proofs.

I would love feedback on my lesson. I may consider adapting it for my class this year even without access to maker kits. Please view my Maker Lesson.