Why Teaching?

When I was is school, I was on the ‘right track’. I took the advanced classes throughout, and ended up with my pick of schools by the time I graduated. Yet I did not choose the path of doctor, engineer, or lawyer, or any other highly paid ‘successful’ career. I deliberately chose to be a teacher, despite the drawbacks of a highly stressful, lower paid job given the education requirement. It seems contrary to the path I began on in school.

Why would someone with my potential and capability choose teaching? To me, the answer is easy: teaching is my passion. I started tutoring other students in math back when I was in high school. Nothing made me feel as happy as when I could see that lightbulb moment for the student I was helping. That’s why I never considered any other career as I was preparing for adulthood.

I think passion is a necessary part of teaching. If you have no love for your subject, your students will know it right away, and they will not love it either. Your passion can translate to your students, and spur their interest and motivation. Additionally, if you are passionate about teaching, you will always strive to do better. You will reflect on what works in your classroom and what does not. You will attend trainings when you do not require the SCECHs because you are looking to improve. You never stop trying to make your class better, because you know that is what your students deserve.

Please see my video below. It is an expression of my passion and continuing curiosity about teaching, my efforts to be the best teacher I can.